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The Allotment by Andy Barrett.


A new piece of writing by a local playwright, the play was a comedy about war, displacement, asylum and compost heaps. The theatre company played at the Edinburgh Fringe before coming to Radcliffe.                                                                                                                                (A Village Ventures event) 

Nimbus with Karen Tweed


The best of European and traditional English folk music.   (A Village Ventures event)

The Kremlinaires Russian Big Band Cabaret


The Kremlinaires, the ‘Commissars of Cool ‘and world leaders in Soviet Swing and Bolshevik Boogie kept a good size audience hugely entertained. Led by Chris Haigh on the fiddle, the band was his most recent, ambitious and completely inexplicable venture to date!

The seven-piece Soviet Swing Band mixed Russian Folk with 40s Swing.  The audience wasn’t quite sure what to expect as they seemed hard to categorise, but the combination of humour, theatrics and excellent songs won them over.  As well as Chris’s fiddling,there were combinations of vocals, accordion, guitar, clarinet, sax, drums piano and bass.

The band has appeared everywhere; from village halls to jazz fests and private parties.  (A Village Ventures event)   

Great Expectations:



Great Expectations,
Shifting Sands Theatre Company