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The Hired Man Award-winning musical theatre

Thursday 31st October 2007

The Hired Man Award-winning musical theatre


Melvyn Bragg and Howard Goodall’s award-winning musical, on national tour again, thrilled a capacity audience at Grange Hall. The New Perspectives Theatre Company production was excellent, with great set design, lighting, splendid costuming, wonderful music, sturdy singing, acting, and foot stomping dance numbers.

It followed a story spanning two generations of a farming and mining family during the early years of the 20th century. Honest, emotional, fiercely passionate and funny, it offered something for everyone in the packed hall.                                                              (A Village Ventures event) 

We’ve never been to see a ballet before but we’ll go again if it comes back to Radcliffe. Always thought it was a bit too poncey for me.”
Audience Comments
“I always like to watch ballet on the telly but it was totally different being there.”
Audience Comments
“Just shows you that the word ‘ballet’ works for more people than you think. A great idea. You’ll be putting on the ‘small symphony orchestra’ next I suppose at this rate”
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Magic Car Americana band

July 20th 2007


Magic Car’s great vocalist held together a band that covered a range of country styles and built an intimate atmosphere.

‘What a fantastic night, and that chap on the Kora was magnificent”
Audience Comments
“If this is world music, I’m a convert – at 73”
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The Small Ballet, REVIEW

Thursday April 26th 2007



Six ‘Small Ballet’ dancers hot from Netherlands State Ballet, Cuban Ballet and other major companies entertained a near-capacity audience at Grange Hall. They performed a varied programme on a specially designed performance ‘mat’ supported by professional sound and excellent lighting.

The five different dance ‘sets’ ranged from an update of the ballet favourite ‘Harlequin & Columbine’ to warm, sensual Cuban rhythms, featuring Ramon Diaz, who trained in Havana, and whose British fan base grew considerably following his Radcliffe performance – a wonderful, beautifully controlled dancer.

Audience feedback confirmed that whilst some of the music score was ‘challenging’ the quality of movement, creativity, costuming, outstanding strength, artistic dance skills displayed and ensemble work won the audience over completely.                                        (A Village Ventures event) 

“Interesting idea, made me think about asylum seekers differently”
Audience Comments
“Good set – I laughed a bit – thought it was a bit gloomy for a comedy”
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World Music – Seckou Keita Combo

Thursday February 15th 2007



One of the most popular events hosted by RadVentures, Seckou Keita wove together the best of Afro-Mandinka soul music, drawing musicians from Senegal, Italy, Egypt and The Gambia. The atmosphere was joyous. Young, middle-aged and older audience members were delighted by novel sounds, and youngsters danced happily through the bistro tables conga-style. Another sell-out event, the band, which is on international tour with a string of successful CDs to their name, has kept in touch with RadVentures.

They tell us that Radcliffe was one of their best UK gigs. See Seckou Keita site:
(A Village Ventures event)