Two Gents of Verona:

16th October 2009

An enthusiastic audience, which included several college students and local school pupils, enjoyed this truly original Shakespeare production! Two gifted and energetic actors played 15 different roles between them; amorous suitors, sullen maidens, depressed servants, and a dog! With minimal props, considerable charm, humour and great physicality, audience members were themselves drawn into the Bard’s convoluted tale, much to their fellow spectators’ delight.  Yet another RadVentures night to remember.

(A Village Ventures event)


‘Fantastic! Totally different from any other music event we’ve been to’
Audience Comments
‘Send me to Istambul and show me how to dance’ – the belly is willing!’
Audience Comments
‘The ‘Oud’ was really lovely to listen to’
Audience Comments
‘I think I’m a world music fan …. after tonight’

El Andaluz:

8th May 2009


The four virtuoso musicians that make up  ‘El Andaluz’ played to a packed Grange Hall on a balmy Friday night. Attab Haddad with his 12-string Iraqi ‘Oud’  (the original Lute that gave birth to the guitar); Karim Dellali, master of the ‘Tambor’ drum, Hamid Bouri, bassist, and Frank Biddulph, violin took their audience on an exotic musical magic carpet ride.  Their distinctive repetoire both charmed and excited the audience. The band played melodies, many with centuries-old roots, from Southern Spain to Turkey, to Egypt, on to the Sahara, to Algeria  and back again. Their repetoire  included exotic Andalusian Nuba’s, mystical desert chants, chaabi celebration music, and  irresistible belly dance numbers. And … an unexpected break-out of real, live belly dancing from a group of sinuous ladies in the audience, eager to show off their skills, added to the atmosphere.  The applause was deafening and the encores exuberant; a great RadVentures night out for all.

(A Village Ventures event)


‘Haven’t seen anything quite like it – good! Something new for Radcliffe again – aren’t we lucky’
Audience Comments
‘Really enjoyed the second half. Ithink we weren’t sure how much we were supposed to join in. Fun though’
Audience Comments
‘Great night- I shed a tear or two.’
‘It was good to see more young people coming along to these RadVentures events.’

The Singing Sous Chefs:

… a capella song meets alternative cabaret
22nd January 2009



A trio of highly individual entertainers took a receptive audience through space and time’right up to present-day! President Obama joined Ramases and Captain Scott in a quirky interpetation of high points and curious events in history – liberally sprinkled with splendidly tuneful a capella singing, amusing ‘cod’ acting and three-part ‘harmonic’audience participation …. this  Grange Hall Radcliffe community lah’lah and oooh oooh’ing was of undeniably poor quality – but at least everyone had a go!!! (a Village Ventures event)


It was good fun ‘(Six Field House visitors )
Audience Comments
‘Quite naughty wasn’t it – made me laugh’
Audience Comments
‘Brilliant musicians – I love music hall stuff’.