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Christmas Ceilidh:

18th Dec 2010 


A splendid way to kick off the festive season for all the family … a real, lively, community Christmas Ceilidh.  The music and dance evening  featured the Five Go Off  Band playing the very best of Irish/Celtic music in a cafe style environment  with an area for convivial dancing, led by the bands’ ‘caller’.  The Parish Council ran a pay bar with good beers and other drinks. Everyone attending was treated to a mince pie and glass of mulled wine on arrival.   

‘A cracking start to the Christmas season and the Irish musicians played their socks off.’
Audience Comments
‘It’s a good way to work up a thirst!’
Audience Comments
‘It was good to see everyone from kids to grandparents having a good time together’
Audience Comments

Vertigo – The Play:

21st Oct 2010 




An intriguing story of obsessive love and the almost-perfect murder, presented by Oxfordshire Theatre Company on tour was quite a mesmerising theatrical experience.  Set in  France during WW2 before and just after the German occupation, ‘Vertigo’ told the story of Roger Flaviers, a psychiatric patient locked into a cycle of re-living the terrible events of his recent past. The players were all excellent, charming and sinister in turns, beautiful then flawed and tawdry. The flexible set transformed from sombre clinic to lovers’ hotel, and the story had a splendidly unexpected twist which delighted Radcliffe’s fans of inventive theatre and crime stories alike.                           (A Village Ventures Event) 

‘Spectacular theatre and as good as anything you’d see in the West End.’
Audience Comments
‘For me it was the best RadVentures event yet bar none.’
Audience Comments
‘Totally engrossing and the actors were excellent’

TG Collective

14th May 2010



Six musicians and a flamenco dancer. A  bewitching accoustic guitar duo, a walking double-bass, quirky fiddle, wacky percussion and sublime flute made for an evening of music to remember from this Birmingham-based combo. The menu offered warm Jazz, Gypsy, up-tempo Hot Club of Paris numbers (Django Reinhardt and Stefan Grapelli tributes a-plenty) with the ‘new’ flamenco. Smooth and sassy trumpet, flighty violin and raw energy from that favourite traditional dance of the Andalucian gypsies thrilled and excited a capacity audience. Flying, stamping feet, swirling skirts and raw passion from Ana Garcia’s majestic flamenco keep all eyes riveted.  The deafening applause and yells for encore showcased a  band at the top of their game, with a rare mix of musicianship, empathy and pure enjoyment.

(A Village Ventures Event) 


“The flautist was extraordinary – wonderful tone.”
‘I loved the variety and the way they used all those different instruments.’
‘Couldn’t stop looking at her feet’.

Zubop Gambia

15th April 2010 




“Gambia” might suggest West African Hi-Life music but the Grange Hall audience were offered a much more eclectic fusion of musical styles! There were influences from South as well as West Africa, with hints of Klezmer, percussion ensemble breaks and free Jazz improvisation. Two drummers, guitar, piano, brass section and driving bass made this the biggest band that Radventures has presented, and the depth of their sound was complemented by the soulful soaring voice of their singer Solomelo. Audience participation was a strong feature of the evening with infectious dancing in front of the stage and a young female percussionist dueting with the band’s Njega Sohna on the African djembe drum on stage. Certainly another musical night to remember for Radcliffe

(A Village Ventures Event) 


“A Glastonbury experience – in Radcliffe!’

‘Soul stirring rhythmic fusion of sounds. I loved it!’
‘Wow, this was the first Radventures event where we must have had at least 20% of the audience dancing their socks off’
‘Can’t wait for more cool events like Zubop’
‘What a blast!’

The Dragonfly Tour

Reg Meuross wth Bethany Porter –

5th February 2010 





Critics rave about Reg Meuross,  known as  ‘one of Britain’s  finest singer/songwriters. …and  they aren’t wrong!  Reg on acoustic guitar(s) and equipped with a warm, mellow voice,  introduced each of his own numbers with its  storyline  and influences  to an attentive 130+ strong audience. Supported by Bethany Porter on 1790’s mellow cello with crystal clear, sweet harmonic vocals, the duo had the Grange Hall crowd hooked from the opener, and Reg certainly lived up to his reputation as a charismatic and talented 21st century troubadour. Bethany’s solo slots ran through song-stories; the first, a tale of a ‘psychotic landlady’ she managed to survive, and a traditional folk melody recounting the tale of a worldly-wise maiden with an eye for boys. And … the audience was invited to sing along to rather more complex choruses than the norm.  Reg assured the crowd that it knocked spots off the community singing at previous venues … or maybe he was  just being kind?  Altogether a splendid evening which transported the audience through past and recent  history, the work of American Artist Edward Hopper, and Elvis … and the impersonator, sporting bible black dyed hair, fake tan and a mean line in spandex, bling-encrusted, slashed-to-the-waist baby-grow’s for grown men!  Excellent.                            (A Village Ventures event)


“Another great evening”

‘I learned something; how unjust WW1 was to the troops … only officers allowed to get shell-shocked, the humble rating shot by a drunken firing squad. History and entertainment,; doesn’t get better really …”
‘What a lovely combiination, guitar, cello and wonderful voices’
‘He , Reg, was a bit undermic’d but apart from that, a great night out again’