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Shoo Shoo Baby’s Christmas Party:

9th December 2011 
What fun, and a great start to the festive season!  Tanya and Anna, aka Shoo Shoo Baby entertained a maximum audience at St. Mary’s, which turned into ‘smilesville’ within five minutes of the show.  Great audience participation too.  Who will forget two follically challenged gents from the floor being drawn on stage but the sultry Tanya, singing to both to the tune of ‘Lady in Red’ … ‘Man with bald head is dancing with me’.  Both gents performed to order and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, raising the mirth level even higher.  Both performers sang splendidly with a repetoire of standards and festive numbers, including ‘Santa Baby’ and a scary self-penned ‘Stalker’ song.  A geologist in the audience had been set up to be the female stalker target and enjoyed the limelight with a healthy blush and great good humour.  A great night out in a great little venue.              (A Village Ventures Event)
‘Brilliant,very slick and entertaining, and accents great!’

Audience Comments
‘We must save this first-class company’
Audience Comments


23rd September 2011

Tartuffe lived up to every expectation and more as a hilarious and outrageous 350 year old classic had the audience at Grange Hall giggling, laughing, and charmed by the splendid performers, everyone of them bringing their multiple characters to life.  The script, all in verse, was clever and flowed well and, according to an academic specialising in French literature in the audience, one of the best translations and closest to the original that she had seen. 
Tartuffe, the religious imposter ‘ bad boy’ of the show,  pranced and preened and drew the audience into his devilish plot to fool the wealthy merchant Orgon, to succeed in driving away the son, marry the daughter and seduce the wife.  Ater twists and turns with the Company moving and miming in sequence, making full use of masks and otherdisguises to speed the plot along,  the famous ‘table scene’considered by many to be the funniest comic set pieces ever written for the stage, really fired up the humour. Tartuffe, three centuries on has relevance that will continue to delight modern-day audiences.  And the set and costumes were fantastic! The scandal is that Northumberland Theatre Company has lost its Arts Council Grant; after decades of success in entertaining audiences with top-quality theatre, its future is uncertain ….(A Village Ventures Event) 
‘Fantastic musicians and they played music I have never heard before’

Audience Comments
‘An unusual mix of sounds and rhythms’
Audience Comments


15th April 2011


Three talented young women, each a classical musician trained at top music colleges in London and USA came together as an innovative string trio inspired by traditional music to enthrall the audience at the Grange Hall. The Kosmos repertoire spanned Western classical pieces to Jazz and Gypsy music.  Breathtaking musicianship. (A Village Ventures Event) 


‘Huge fun’

‘Great singing, sharp suits!’

Opera Dudes

18th Feb 2011 


Two modern day Matrio Lanzas performed some of the world’s most romantic music, in their own unique vocal arrangements. The Opera Dudes comprise a posh former Cambridge scholar and an ex-builder turned international operatic tenor.  Tim Lole and Neil Allen combined their musical and vocal pedigrees with an injection of humour and charm.  The audience were, in turn, tapping their feet, laughing and having their hearstrings tugged.  Both were real charmers and went the extra mile to ensure we all had a great time.  (A Village Ventures Event) 

‘Haven’t laughed during a country and western set ever before. I think you are supposed to cry aren’t you?’

Hank Wangford & Brad Breath: 

28th Jan 2011


Cabaret with Hank Wangford & Brad Breath  in ‘No Hall 2 Small’; a funny and highly entertaining show from the medic of mirth and his oppo. Hank, aka Dr Sam Hutt, presented an evening which included original songs and obscure Country classics with quips, tales, with the occasional yodel and  rope trick. A show top-full of  toe-tappers and tear-jerkers  guaranteed to raise the spirits –  and create a muscle-spasm or two!                        (A Village Ventures Event)   

‘A splendid night as usual from the RadVentures scheme. Keep it up!’

‘A great night and it just shows you that an old fashioned standard lamp is all you need to light the night when the musician/performers are as good as Brad and Hank.’