The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists:

11th October 2012 
The full house at this latest Radventures production must have been wondering how Robert Tressell’s socialist classic novel was to be transformed into a stage play and then how that drama was to be performed by a cast of two.  They need not have worried.  The play captured the themes of the novel and captured both the tragedy and humour of the plight of the house decorators of Mugsborough.  Through adroit changing of hats, the novel’s cast of characters all had their say, the interplay between the personalities and world views of the characters being central to the drama.  The cabaret style of seating enabled repartee between actors and audience.  A brilliant and inspiring performance!  No wonder the production has won rave reviews country-wide. (A Village Ventures Event)


8th March 2012



This trio of highly talented musicians played to a full house at the Grange Hall.  They combined virtuoso performances on violin and cello with slapstick humour and some beautiful singing by the female member of the group.  Their foray into audience participation during the second half of the performance went down very well and had the audience in stitches.  It was an enthusiastic and energetic performance and the trio left the stage to rapturous applause.(A Village Ventures Event)
‘Us folically challenged chaps had our moment in the limelight – excellent!’
Audience Comments
‘Perfect start to the festive season’
Audience Comments