The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock:

20th November 2013 

I thought the acting of the lead character was excellent – he really held the whole thing together – it was quite a tour de force.  The sets were inventive and the team kept the pace going.  My only quibble was with the structure of the play itself.  Whilst we learnt a great deal about Hitchcock’s background and character through a number of dramatic episodes, each one as striking as the others, the end, when it came, felt less like a climax than just another episode and I, for one, felt slightly (but only slightly) dissatisfied. Worth seeing though. (A Village Ventures event)

“An intriguing exploration of the troubled mind of the famous film maker.”
Audience Comments
“Superb, powerful performances from Martin Miller as Hitchcock and Deborah Kerr as both his mother and his wife.”
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Bane 2 :

19th October 2013

It took a bit of getting into but once you were in – into the film noir world – it was pretty good.  An American neighbour on the next table was laughing like a drain.  She obviously picked up much more on the nuances than me.  Anyway, I enjoyed myself.                      (A Village Ventures event)
“Really good. It was my first visit to a RadVentures theatre night.”
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“It needs a pretty sharp actor to take on so many roles at machine-gun speed and the guitarist was excellent too.”
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Francesca Millican Slater:

9th May 2013

A very special night of story-telling, off-and-on geneological research, thoughtful obsession and a tantilising tale of Miss Gibbs, the postcard sent to her in 1910, and what happened – or could have happened next! A full house at Radcliffe Hall, a new RadVentures venue, was gripped by Francesca Millican Slater’s story, her considerable theatrical talent, and the curious weaving of her imagination as her idealised Miss Gibbs grew into a larger than life character.Triumph, wrong turns, disappointment and tragedy combined to leave the audience wanting more, a distinct possibility as Francesca plans to give Miss Gibbs and family new life in future performances.  (A Village Ventures event)
“A really fascinating experience and the young woman is a very persuasive and charismatic actor.”

Audience Comments
“Got a bit mixed up with the going back and forwards in time but a lovely evening. My first one-woman show experience.”
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“I’m already going through old postcards at flea markets!”

Juliette Kelly:

22nd March 2013

Juliette Kelly at Grange Hall gave her big audience a splendid repertoire of jazz standards and some of her own compositions, accompanied by her award-winning pianist. It was a night of glamour and a great tribute to the Divas of Jazz.  (A Village Ventures event)
” Loved her voice, outfit and terrific glam dreadlocks … you don’t see them every day in Radcliffe!”
Audience Comments
“A great voice; maybe a smaller venue would have suited the evening better.”

Audience Comments
“Fab singing and piano. No wonder she gets good reviews.

 Tatcho Drom:

22nd February 2013