Freddy Dare & The Ginger Robber


Freddy Dare & The Ginger Robber:

22nd March 2014 

Living Spit Theatre Company


This is an ambitious and original piece of multi media theatre which deals with the impact of family bereavement, as seen through the eyes of an eleven year old boy. An authentic presentation of childhood by the actors is very effectively complemented by the use of film which can more vividly bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, past and present. This is also helped by the use of vintage film footage of Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
Issues of mental health are explored by the development of fantasy arising out of the death of the loved one. Yes, it is a serious piece which works on a number of levels and appeals to both young people and adults… but it also contains many comic moments and many very familiar aspects of childhood. For example, those misinterpretations of adult language which give rise to a totally different meaning and last for a long time before being exposed. We’ve all had those haven’t we? References to Game Boy, Superheroes and Strictly Come Dancing also touch rather familiar notes of our own.
A production which leaves you thinking it over for some time, from a company which is working closely with a number of charities to give voice to their issues. (A Village Ventures event)