BHANGRA! Sway, smile and dance! RadVentures hosts hi-energy sounds as Western pop mixes Bolliwood & Punjabi harvest Folk.


RSVP Bhangra. What a fab way to kick off 2020! Hi-energy Western pop meets Bolliwood film tracks and harvest-celebrating Folk music from the Indian Punjab.

Meet RSVP BHANGRA.  This gifted, charming and dynamic  five-strong combo has played all over the UK at countless festivals, weddings, parties and clubs. RadVentures brings a joyous culture, developed by young Asians to  Radcliffe for villagers and guests to  sway, smile and dance to sounds totally new to the village. It’s music that’s lively and full of joy.  The Band  invites audiences from age seven to 70+ to taste the best of a modern Indian culture  right on their doorsteps.

Top quality musicians play melody and rhythm; drum beats on Tabla and Dhol, keyboards, two guitars and percussion.



by JOHN THORN, RadVentures member

Radcliffe was treated to a rare opportunity for the audience to get up on their feet and move to the grooves of Indian popular music when RSVP Bhangra
came to the village. The band warmed us up with some ‘Bollywood’ style songs before inviting the audience to the dance space and
learn some Bhangra  moves. First “GCSE Bhangra”; screwing in the light bulbs, throwing the frisbee, the slow turn around and the final arms in the air
shouting “Hoy Hoy Hoy”! As the night moved on so did the dancing, upping our game to “A-level Bhangra” and “Degree-level Bhangra” with synchronised
whole-group, and  dancing in couples.  And all of this to the wonderful rhythm of the drummer on his “dhol” drum.

We had an audience full house of 160, with at least half getting up to dance. Some groovers were really quite stylish, others maybe not quite so, but everyone had a lot
of fun. Ravi’s Kitchen provided samosas and onion bhajis during the interval … and they were a sell out too! The band’s singer spoke about how he loved both his Punjabi and
British Indian heritage, and the evening was a great example of what multi-cultural fun can be had through music, dance and food!