About RadVentures

RadVentures was formed in 2004 by friends of the late Malcolm Thompson. Its aim is to promote Performing Arts in Radcliffe on Trent as a tribute to Malcolm, who was enthusiastic about village events and closely involved in many. These included the Twinning Association, the Book Group and the annual Village Carnival. He also supported the local drama group.

Malcolm was pleased about the final successful plans to build Grange Hall as a quality facility for new and existing community organisations. He also hoped that Radcliffe would then be able to attract and host professional touring companies and performers, and he discussed these plans with long-time resident and friend, Florence Price.

Sadly Malcolm died in August 2003 before the completion of Grange Hall. Florence Price together with a number of his friends created RadVentures and joined the ‘Village Ventures’ Scheme.

Malcolm’s vision has been realised. The RadVentures’ varied programme has created a large and loyal following in Radcliffe and surrounding area.

RadVentures organisation

RadVentures is open to all residents of Radcliffe on Trent and those interested in community arts and events.  The group is formally constituted with officers elected at an AGM.  Members meet regularly to decide future events.

All surpluses are reinvested in future entertainments with a proportion used to fund special projects.