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17 10, 2014




17th Oct. 2014 


A lively and enthusiastic performance from a group of six talented musicians.
She’Koyokh played and sang a rousing selection of klezmer folk music from Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Balkans.
A​ performance full of zest, well-received by a capacity audience. (A Village Ventures event)

10 05, 2014

The Second Minute


The Second Minute:

10th May 2014 

Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company



New Images Second Minute
This was a tour de force for three Nottingham Playhouse actors. The drama linked a 2014 soldier working with an archivist on newly discoveredWW1 personal letters with the soldier who wrote them, a long-dead, fresh-faced young infantryman from the Sherwood Foresters regiment.

The plot developed the never changing horrors of war and the agony of those left behind. The WW1 infantryman appeared as a narrator/ghost who filling in the gaps between the reality of war and the sanitised version in letters written home.

The projected backdrop to a simple set featured childlike drawings of battle scarred landscapes, families at home and military comrades. It added to the atmosphere of bravado, terror and tragedy. Snatches from letters revealed how soldiers at the front protected their loved ones from the reality of what was happening to them and their comrades; lions led by donkeys.
The plain, cool, rigid archivist character revealed herself to be the grieving mother
of a son killed in the Bosnian war.

A moving and entertaining night to remember in the anniversary year of the start of the 1914-18 war.

(A Village Ventures event)

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22 03, 2014

Freddy Dare & The Ginger Robber


Freddy Dare & The Ginger Robber:

22nd March 2014 

Living Spit Theatre Company


This is an ambitious and original piece of multi media theatre which deals with the impact of family bereavement, as seen through the eyes of an eleven year old boy. An authentic presentation of childhood by the actors is very effectively complemented by the use of film which can more vividly bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, past and present. This is also helped by the use of vintage film footage of Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
Issues of mental health are explored by the development of fantasy arising out of the death of the loved one. Yes, it is a serious piece which works on a number of levels and appeals to both young people and adults… but it also contains many comic moments and many very familiar aspects of childhood. For example, those misinterpretations of adult language which give rise to a totally different meaning and last for a long time before being exposed. We’ve all had those haven’t we? References to Game Boy, Superheroes and Strictly Come Dancing also touch rather familiar notes of our own.
A production which leaves you thinking it over for some time, from a company which is working closely with a number of charities to give voice to their issues. (A Village Ventures event)

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7 02, 2014

The Six Wives of Henry V111


The Six Wives of Henry V111:

7th February 2014 

Living Spit Theatre Company


Having had a hard week I really was not looking forward to going out in the wind and rain on a Friday night. What a treat I would have missed if I had stayed at home. This performance was hilarious ,touching and informative. Doing a pastiche of Blind Date as the interview for a new wife for Henry was a brilliant touch. Not only was the acting and comic timing spot on but the duo were excellent musicians. Brilliant performance.(A Village Ventures event)

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13 08, 2013

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The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock:

20th November 2013 

I thought the acting of the lead character was excellent – he really held the whole thing together – it was quite a tour de force.  The sets were inventive and the team kept the pace going.  My only quibble was with the structure of the play itself.  Whilst we learnt a great deal about Hitchcock’s background and character through a number of dramatic episodes, each one as striking as the others, the end, when it came, felt less like a climax than just another episode and I, for one, felt slightly (but only slightly) dissatisfied. Worth seeing though. (A Village Ventures event)

“An intriguing exploration of the troubled mind of the famous film maker.”
Audience Comments
“Superb, powerful performances from Martin Miller as Hitchcock and Deborah Kerr as both his mother and his wife.”
Audience Comments

Bane 2 :

19th October 2013

It took a bit of getting into but once you were in – into the film noir world – it was pretty good.  An American neighbour on the next table was laughing like a drain.  She obviously picked up much more on the nuances than me.  Anyway, I enjoyed myself.                      (A Village Ventures event)
“Really good. It was my first visit to a RadVentures theatre night.”
Audience Comments
“It needs a pretty sharp actor to take on so many roles at machine-gun speed and the guitarist was excellent too.”
Audience Comments

Francesca Millican Slater:

9th May 2013

A very special night of story-telling, off-and-on geneological research, thoughtful obsession and a tantilising tale of Miss Gibbs, the postcard sent to her in 1910, and what happened – or could have happened next! A full house at Radcliffe Hall, a new RadVentures venue, was gripped by Francesca Millican Slater’s story, her considerable theatrical talent, and the curious weaving of her imagination as her idealised Miss Gibbs grew into a larger than life character.Triumph, wrong turns, disappointment and tragedy combined to leave the audience wanting more, a distinct possibility as Francesca plans to give Miss Gibbs and family new life in future performances.  (A Village Ventures event)
“A really fascinating experience and the young woman is a very persuasive and charismatic actor.”

Audience Comments
“Got a bit mixed up with the going back and forwards in time but a lovely evening. My first one-woman show experience.”
Audience Comments
“I’m already going through old postcards at flea markets!”

Juliette Kelly:

22nd March 2013

Juliette Kelly at Grange Hall gave her big audience a splendid repertoire of jazz standards and some of her own compositions, accompanied by her award-winning pianist. It was a night of glamour and a great tribute to the Divas of Jazz.  (A Village Ventures event)
” Loved her voice, outfit and terrific glam dreadlocks … you don’t see them every day in Radcliffe!”
Audience Comments
“A great voice; maybe a smaller venue would have suited the evening better.”

Audience Comments
“Fab singing and piano. No wonder she gets good reviews.

 Tatcho Drom:

22nd February 2013


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13 08, 2009

Previous Events 2009 Season


Two Gents of Verona:

16th October 2009

An enthusiastic audience, which included several college students and local school pupils, enjoyed this truly original Shakespeare production! Two gifted and energetic actors played 15 different roles between them; amorous suitors, sullen maidens, depressed servants, and a dog! With minimal props, considerable charm, humour and great physicality, audience members were themselves drawn into the Bard’s convoluted tale, much to their fellow spectators’ delight.  Yet another RadVentures night to remember.

(A Village Ventures event)


‘Fantastic! Totally different from any other music event we’ve been to’
Audience Comments
‘Send me to Istambul and show me how to dance’ – the belly is willing!’
Audience Comments
‘The ‘Oud’ was really lovely to listen to’
Audience Comments
‘I think I’m a world music fan …. after tonight’

El Andaluz:

8th May 2009


The four virtuoso musicians that make up  ‘El Andaluz’ played to a packed Grange Hall on a balmy Friday night. Attab Haddad with his 12-string Iraqi ‘Oud’  (the original Lute that gave birth to the guitar); Karim Dellali, master of the ‘Tambor’ drum, Hamid Bouri, bassist, and Frank Biddulph, violin took their audience on an exotic musical magic carpet ride.  Their distinctive repetoire both charmed and excited the audience. The band played melodies, many with centuries-old roots, from Southern Spain to Turkey, to Egypt, on to the Sahara, to Algeria  and back again. Their repetoire  included exotic Andalusian Nuba’s, mystical desert chants, chaabi celebration music, and  irresistible belly dance numbers. And … an unexpected break-out of real, live belly dancing from a group of sinuous ladies in the audience, eager to show off their skills, added to the atmosphere.  The applause was deafening and the encores exuberant; a great RadVentures night out for all.

(A Village Ventures event)


‘Haven’t seen anything quite like it – good! Something new for Radcliffe again – aren’t we lucky’
Audience Comments
‘Really enjoyed the second half. Ithink we weren’t sure how much we were supposed to join in. Fun though’
Audience Comments
‘Great night- I shed a tear or two.’
‘It was good to see more young people coming along to these RadVentures events.’

The Singing Sous Chefs:

… a capella song meets alternative cabaret
22nd January 2009



A trio of highly individual entertainers took a receptive audience through space and time’right up to present-day! President Obama joined Ramases and Captain Scott in a quirky interpetation of high points and curious events in history – liberally sprinkled with splendidly tuneful a capella singing, amusing ‘cod’ acting and three-part ‘harmonic’audience participation …. this  Grange Hall Radcliffe community lah’lah and oooh oooh’ing was of undeniably poor quality – but at least everyone had a go!!! (a Village Ventures event)


It was good fun ‘(Six Field House visitors )
Audience Comments
‘Quite naughty wasn’t it – made me laugh’
Audience Comments
‘Brilliant musicians – I love music hall stuff’.

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13 08, 2008

Previous Events 2008 Season


The Last Waltz,

Play with Music, Quandam Theatre

Oct 30th 2008 


Four talented, experienced  comic actor-musicians on tour, all  with  hearty voices, brought a new style of theatre to Radcliffe – modern European farce, and played to a large and receptive audience. ‘The Last Waltz’ a play with music, followed the shambolic lives of its lead characters; a sparky daughter counselling her parents through a sticky marital patch and a brother with ‘unfortunate warts’, a lovelorn housewife, a ‘rail company jobsworth ‘ in love with rain and all things miserable, and the hero, a signalman on the cusp of losing his job. It may not sound like the stuff to raise a laugh, but it did – lots of it! In an atmosphere of signal bells, cross-rail point changes and rattling train sound effects, the story was peppered with songs ranging from laments and sharp satire to love ballads and lively music hall turns, accompanied by piano, flute, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, wash-board, tea-chest bass, violin and more; all players showed inexhaustable musical skills!  The audience responded with loud laughter, the occasional sigh and giggle, clapping, stamping and whilstling for more.  Another  great RadVentures night out for all!

(A Village Ventures event)  

They were excellent – and they certainly do their homework! How did they know about the lingerie shop and the whipping post?’
Audience Comments
‘I liked the cartoon man, he was really clever. I draw cartoons in school.’
Audience Comments
‘If they’re all like that in Barnsley maybe we should be twinned with them!’
Audience Comments

Ian McMillan  & Tony Husband

May 23rd 2008

This was a true delight – comedy, humour and fun, combining pithy poems from Ian McMillan, Barnsley’s laureate and ‘observer of life’ joining forces with 10-times cartoonist-of-the-year Tony Husband.  Everyone was laughing and enjoying being daft, and the cartoons kept coming at lightning speed.  The audience ended up with an illustrated musical saga of what ‘might ‘have happened one night at Grange Hall at dead of night – involving a TV star fox in stripey socks and corset, owl-hoooooting, the ancient whipping post in use again, strange apparitions hiding behind curtains and a ‘trolley of doom’ gliding back and forth which frightened nobody!  So massively enjoyable was the evening that nobody wanted to leave; the atmosphere was wonderfully warm and friendly, and the entertainers said it was definitely one of their best gigs.  The  140+ RadVentures  audience was  given top marks for enthusiasm, participation – and really bad singing!!!                                                                                                                                (A Village Ventures event) 

“Wonderful and moving. A great night out and we’re only ten minutes walk from home”
Audience Comments
“Bloody marvellous, don’t know whether to sing or cry-best not do either”
Audience Comments
“One of your best events-how do you get so many good people coming to Radcliffe?”
“I wasn’t expecting to go on a night out and go home crying… good though!”
“That music was amazing-couldn’t believe it was just a piano, fiddle and trumpet”
“Let’s have more musicals…”

The Arcadians Quartet


The event was a huge hit and a total sell-out: we could have filled the hall twice over.

The Arcadians musicianship was breathtaking, the atmosphere wonderfully warm, funny, charming, witty and entertaining, and we learned a lot about the history of jazz from the 1920s and 30s and its roots in Folk, Blues and beyond. The jazz guitarists, two of the best in the country, were particularly outstanding.   (A Village Ventures event) 

“The pedal steel guitarist was out of this world”

Audience Comments
“I had no time for Country music until I heard Magic Car”
Audience Comments

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13 08, 2005

Previous Events 2005 Season


2005 Season Caratinga Brazilian Choro Music


South American rhythms don’t get any better than this.  (A Village Ventures event) 

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