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August 2009

Previous Events 2009 Season

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Two Gents of Verona: 16th October 2009 An enthusiastic audience, which included several college students and local school pupils, enjoyed this truly original Shakespeare production! Two gifted and energetic actors played 15 different roles between them; amorous suitors, [...]

August 2008

Previous Events 2008 Season

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The Last Waltz, Play with Music, Quandam Theatre Oct 30th 2008  Four talented, experienced  comic actor-musicians on tour, all  with  hearty voices, brought a new style of theatre to Radcliffe - modern European farce, and played to a large and receptive [...]

August 2007

Previous Events 2007 Season

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The Hired Man Award-winning musical theatre Thursday 31st October 2007 The Hired Man Award-winning musical theatre Melvyn Bragg and Howard Goodall's award-winning musical, on national tour again, thrilled a capacity audience at Grange Hall. [...]

August 2006

Previous Events 2006 Season

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The Allotment by Andy Barrett. A new piece of writing by a local playwright, the play was a comedy about war, displacement, asylum and compost heaps. The theatre company played at the Edinburgh Fringe [...]

August 2005

Previous Events 2005 Season

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2005 Season Caratinga Brazilian Choro Music South American rhythms don't get any better than this.  (A Village Ventures event) 

August 2004

Previous Events Dec 2004

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Dec 2004 Silas Marner   Blah Blah Blah Theatre Company This was Radventures very first event.  Theatre in the round.                                           (A Village Ventures event)