RadVentures has successfully completed its Community Art project and installed a beautiful village sign in central Radcliffe.

RadVentures briefed and commissioned this unique silhouette design from Blackforge Arts, a specialist company based in Kent. (see Links page)

RadVentures raised over £4,000 to fund the design and production of the sign.  The Parish Council gave its full support and enthusiasm to the project.  CCllr Kay Cutts, Nottinghamshire County Council contributed a £500 community grant.

Local businesses generously sponsored the project.  Richard Culm, Neodesigns Ltd,  Dave Hegarty, Building & Roofing Services,  Michele & Anthony Mills, M. A. Mills Funeral Service, Peter Stephens, John A. Stephens Ltd building supplies and Leigh Birch, Structural Engineer all provided practical community support. Peter Barlow of Sycamore Farm Shelford also helped.

The day the sign went up! RadVentures members and Richard Culm (sponsor) line up for a souvenir photo …

Off comes the bubble-wrap – the RadVentures village sign is revealed!

(Photos courtesy of David Graham Photography, RadVentures member and sponsor, and other RadVentures members)

Parish Councillor Jo Spencer with Rosie Collins (RadVentures) looks at site plans.

Sponsoring construction specialists, Dave Hegarty (left) and Richard Culm (right) discuss underground piping with Dave Barton, RadVentures Chairman

(L to R )Sponsor Richard Culm, with Rosie Collins and Dave Barton (RadVentures) discuss tactics with sponsors Dave Hegarty and Leigh Birch.

Michele and Anthony Mills, M.A. Mills Funeral Service, check the text for the commemorative steel plaque which they have generously sponsored. This will be set into the village sign oak post.

RadVentures founder member Florence Price (centre) with (left to right)Rosie Collins and Lindah Kiddey, Radventures Secretariat.

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On  Friday 8th May 2009, ‘World Music’ quartet ‘El Andaluz’, led an exciting Music Workshop for 60 Radcliffe Junior School pupils.  The event was sponsored by RadVentures, as a community arts project. The youngsters experimented with a range of Moorish and Middle Eastern rhythms before accompanying the band. Steve Arnold, Headteacher, said it was the best possible way to learn about the musical styles of Southern Spain and the Middle East, especially before SATS exams the following week! The school had collected enough drums, shakers, tamborines and cymbals to ensure every child had an instrument.  The decibel level was impressive! Karim Dellali, workshop leader and ‘Tambor’ player, Attab Haddad ‘Oud’ virtuoso, Frank Biddulph, violinist and Hamid Bouri, Bass player, agreed that it was the the most enthusiastic session they could remember!

Waiting for the countdown to start mixing rhythms

Karim gives a helping hand to some young musicians

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Radcliffe on Trent Carnival 2008

Radcliffe’s 2008 Carnival was a great success with big crowds pressing the pavements and a positive siege on the Grange Hall grounds.

The two professional street performers, funded by RadVentures,  delighted all; the ‘French Waiters’ gliding amiably along Main Road, dropping into shops and pubs to wow the customers, and making several local ladies giggle as they planted Gallic kisses on willing cheeks! They then joined the walking groups in the procession, developing even stronger accents as they went!

The ‘Detectives’ complete with mucky trench coats, trilby’s and dark shades put many carnival revellers under ‘close surveillance’ which then prompted several small boys to ‘tail them’ between the stalls and around the arena.

Over 80 people entered the RadVentures ‘spot the treasure’ game on its stall and scores more, including the Mayor of Rushcliffe, called in to find out more about RadVentures events, progress on its’ Village Sign for Radcliffe’  project, and to meet group members.

Take a look at the photos – they really tell the story!

And, as in previous years, the weather behaved splendidly.  Do we have a micro-climate hovering overhead?

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Radcliffe on Trent Carnival 2007

Stilt Walkers having fun at Radcliffe Carnival. Click to see the picture

Two professional street performers, funded by RadVentures, entertained the crowds at Radcliffe’s 2007 Carnival.  Their first appearance was as two giant ‘John Travolta’s’ with a lively group of local youngsters in tow as they danced to ‘Saturday Night Fever’ music, and then strode along as part of the carnival procession.

After a quick change they reappeared as two giant cricketers, an ‘Aussie’ and a ‘perfect English gentleman’ wielding huge bats, an oversize soft ball and massive stumps.  Scores of Radcliffe junior school pupils invited to try and skittle them out had a fun time, as did hundreds of spectators.  The photos tell the story!  RadVentures plans to support the 2008 Carnival.

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Public Art for Radcliffe project

Armengol sculptures project. Click to see the picture

In 2006 RadVentures drew up a proposal to erect a group of three sculptures in the grounds of Grange Hall, with support from the Parish Council.
The proposed sculptures were the work of a Catalan artist and sculptor, Mario Armengol, who had long-term links with Nottinghamshire.

Mario Armengol. Click to see picture

He worked in the County particularly during World War 11 as a war cartoonist for the Ministry of Information. He then had an internationally successful career as an industrial designer, a sculptor of public art, and a fine artist. He is buried in Radcliffe churchyard. Despite raising the 10% match funding required through generous contributions, grants secured and an ‘Eat for Art’ dinner, sadly our grant application to the Arts Council was unsuccessful.